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Homeschool Beginnings Guide

I've been homeschooling for 8 years now, and somewhere in that time I went from a new homeschooling mama to a seasoned one! I've loved these years of homeschooling, and I absolutely love when moms reach out to me, whether in person or online, when they are at the beginning of their homeschooling journeys and have questions or are curious to learn what I have used or enjoyed. I put together a resource called "Homeschool Beginnings" for those who are just starting out on their journeys or who will be soon, but those who are more seasoned may enjoy it as well!

Homeschool Beginnings covers:

- Different types of homeschooling

- Scheduling

- Our favorite resources and books (by subject)

- Resources for mother's learning

* This product is a digital download (11 pg. PDF)

* The free download will be sent to your email!

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